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DOVER, N.H. -- A disturbance at a hotel in Andover, Mass., led to the arrests of two men suspected of robbing a supermarket in Dover, N.H., last month.
Two gunmen robbed a Hannaford Supermarket on Sept. 24, taking money from the store, and robbing two employees and a customer.
Police say 38-year-old Orlando Matos of Somersworth and 36-year-old Thomas Peterson of Winchester, Va., are being held in Massachusetts on charges of receiving stolen property and carrying firearms without a license. Robbery warrants await them in Dover.
The night after the robbery, police were called to a hotel in Andover, Mass., because of a disturbance involving the men. Officers said they found a large amount of cash and two weapons, made some calls and learned of the Dover robbery.
Dover police say evidence at the store also connected the men to the robbery.
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