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TV Show Ghost Hunters

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I was watching an old episode of the TV show Ghost Hunters and apparently one of the guys on it is a Police Officer "from MA what it looks like". Does anyone know his department?
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He's a part-timer in Granby, not sure if he ever went full-time..I'm thinking not with all the work he's doing on the side with paranormal investigating and lectures/classes and whatnot..... He's used to be friends with my husband, they haven't talked in years...but my husband did buy me earings from his parents jewelry store.
No problem. I love that show :) I was telling my husband today how I would love to join up and help behind the scenes or whatever..and he made fun of me for about 20 minutes....gotta love it!
I should beat you over the head with an EMF machine...but that would just ruin the equipment :) haha

Yeah yeah, I feel the love! haha...
Oh....are you saying you'd fit in one???? :doctor:
See....I don't bust ghosts, hell I don't do shit with ghosts...they harass me! Did I ever tell you the story how I had real bad scratches on both my arms for almost 2 months because of a ghost??
Haha no I was driving by a cemetery that is known for it's the stop sign my arms started to burn...I drove on not thinking much about it..but then it got to be really painful. I pulled back my sleeves and had bright red, deep, scratch marks...that's all...
Hey thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I'm not going to be around much for the next 6 months (academy)...besides I live down in the SW corner of the state!
Look at this picture and tell me what you's bugged me for awhile. It was a few years ago in college and I took this picture of my, now, husband standing in front of my roommates bed.


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