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ORLANDO, Fla. --
A TSA worker at Orlando International Airport helped police catch a suspected criminal. An airport behavioral detection specialist spotted a home invasion suspect trying to skip town.
There are two arrests to report. This past Wednesday, a dangerous fugitive from Colorado was spotted by a TSA officer at one of the check points. His name is George Mauricio Lopez.
Investigators say the 41-year-old had an active warrant for drug charges he was facing in Denver. When he got to a security checkpoint at OIA, he reportedly displayed deceptive behavior. TSA officers later found out that Lopez had a gun in his bag. They notified police, who then took Lopez to county jail.
"Our officers do an awful lot more than what you see at the check points. We have officers all over the airport. Out at the curb, we have people in the secure areas, we have people doing random gate checks, we have people actually searching aircraft," explained security director Lee Kair, Transportation Security Administration.
Last Wednesday, Orlando police notified the TSA that 19-year-old Saul Pagan-Davila might be trying to leave the area. Two TSA officers recognized him from a photo. He was eating at the food court and had no idea the officers were watching him from a safe distance, waiting for police to make the arrest.
Those are just two examples of the TSA working with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of every person traveling through the airport.

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