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Truckers Beware As Troopers Kick Off 'Operation Tri-State'

State troopers are cracking down on unsafe trucks and truck drivers in an effort for reduce the number of collision on state highways.

BOSTON (WBZ) ― The home heating oil season is not far down the road; neither are teams of troopers from three New England states who are focusing intensively on the safety of tankers and other trucks over the next three days.

Keeping several serious tanker crashes over the past year in mind, troopers from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut saturated roads along the Mass/Rhode Island line looking for unsafe trucks and unsafe truck drivers and car drivers who cut trucks off. Ron Sanders rode along with one of the teams in "Operation Tri-State."

Massachusetts trooper Cal Butner and Rhode Island trooper John Gadrow pulled over a canteen truck for driving in the high-speed lane, which commercial trucks are not allowed to do.

"We have a gentleman here that doesn't have his license with him or his medical card. He has Rhode Island plates but he's registered (in) Massachusetts. So we have a problem," Trooper Butner told Sanders during a traffic stop.

Rhode Island Trooper Jay Gibbs inspected a heating oil tanker and found that the driver had not been making required pre-trip checks for a week.

This is the third straight year "Operation Tri-State" has been run. On Tuesday alone, out of 88 inspections, 258 violations were found. Last year, "Operation Tri-State" took more than 140 dangerous trucks off the road.

"Historically, the same number of people have been killed on the highway regardless of how the economy is doing. So, we're out there 24/7. It's our concern, and it's our concern whether the economy is good or the economy is bad," explained Sgt. Tom Fitzgerald of the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section.

State police say "Operation Tri-State" is a reason the three states involved have a commercial vehicle crash rate well below the national average.

"Operation Tri-State" will be working in Rhode Island Wednesday and in Connecticut on Thursday.

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I'm surprised the media isn't kicking our bags in on this:
"Poor truckers trying to make a living are stopped by cruel state police officers and subjected to brutal and unfair inspections and fines. Truckers are contacting ACLU for representation."
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