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VANCOUVER, Wash. - Washington State Patrol troopers fired their tasers at a Vancouver man early Sunday morning and they believe it saved his life.
At about 1:30 a.m. dispatchers received 911 calls about a man staggering across the interstate bridge in the northbound lanes, the state patrol said. The subject was later identified as 24-year-old Michael Kaleta.

A trooper found Kaleta in the northbound lanes near Mill Plain. However, Kaleta jumped over the median, against the trooper’s orders, and ran across several lanes of traffic, almost getting hit by a car. The trooper fired his taser at Kaleta twice, but it was not effective, the State Patrol said.

Another trooper arrived on the scene, and also used his taser. It managed to knock down Kaleta before he crossed back into traffic. The troopers said Kaleta resisted, but they managed to get him handcuffed.

After being treated for minor injuries, Kaleta was booked into the Clark County jail on several charges, including resisting arrest
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