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Trooper shot overnight during a traffic stop.

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Articles' started by RodneyFarva, Nov 21, 2020.

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    BARNSTABLE, Mass. —

    Law enforcement on Cape Cod are looking for one or more suspects after a Massachusetts State Police trooper was shot overnight during a traffic stop.

    The shooting occurred during a traffic stop shortly after 11:30 p.m. on Camp Street in Barnstable, not far from Cape Cod Hospital, state police said.
    A news photographer who heard the situation reported over the radio was first to arrive. Video shows him encountering the wounded trooper, who had a wound to his hand, and offering first aid.

    Before the photographer could render aid, another trooper arrived and rushed the injured trooper to the hospital. State police said he was then taken by ambulance to a Boston hospital.

    “The suspect vehicle fled after the shooting. A search is ongoing for the occupant or occupants of the vehicle,” spokesman Dave Procopio said.

    The trooper’s injuries were not life threatening.
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    Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  3. visible25

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    Video from reporter first on scene minutes after the initial radio call

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  4. RodneyFarva

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    Recent grad of the 85th got one in the hand and chest (vest caught it). That's a great way to start your career, victim of an attempted murder.
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    I wonder what was in that car besides a gun? Glad Trooper survived
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  7. visible25

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    RUMINT has the shooter as an individual who’s been Locked up plenty (and as recently as within 30 days for gun charges)
    And naturally, is out of incarceration
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  8. HistoryHound

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    Let me guess "prison just isn't working for him" :mad:
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  9. mpd61

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    Naturally! We have to make sure he's home for the Holidays right? UN-PHUKIN REAL!!!!!!:mad:
  10. Truck

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    Impossible, there's a mandatory 1 yr minimum.. :)
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    Worcester Telegram May 2014:
    In 1975, Massachusetts made a promising move with passage of the Bartley-Fox Amendment, which provided for a mandatory year in jail for anyone illegally carrying a gun.
    The law’s impact was never significant, in part because many who might have gotten a year in prison instead plea-bargained their way to lesser penalties. Very few were or are prosecuted under Bartley-Fox, although the law is still on the books.
    And between 1998, when Massachusetts passed another comprehensive set of gun-control laws, to 2011, gun-related deaths increased from 65 per year to 122 per year.
    That increase cannot be clearly ascribed to any one factor, and Massachusetts has one of the nation’s lowest rates of gun violence. But the figures suggest the controls did not work as expected.
    Massachusetts’ gun laws today are so complex that, without the guidance of experts, they seem more likely to land law-abiding citizens in trouble than to put any hard-core criminals behind bars.

    I couldn't agree more
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  12. USAF286

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    Sounds similar to the Gannon incident huh

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  13. Hush

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    The state has failed us once again. He already got his perp walk, let his next interaction with the law be his last.
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  14. USM C-2

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    At Least 2 U.S. Marshals Are Shot in the Bronx

    "...The shootout erupted when the marshals tried to serve a warrant at 4085 Ely Ave., according to NBC New York. The officers were reportedly searching for Andre Sterling, a man who was wanted in Massachusetts in connection with the shooting and injuring of a state trooper there in November....Mr. Sterling was critically wounded in the shootout, NBC New York reported. It said a total of three marshals were shot — one in the arm and two in the legs — and were expected to survive."
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  15. Hush

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    When is BLM erecting his statue? I mean I'm glad he's dead (the only acceptable outcome) I just wish it happened in MA. Could finally get that playstation 5 during the riots.

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  16. PG1911

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    If that ever happens, make sure you start looting early, or you'll end up having back order it until the next riot.
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  18. trueblue

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    Burn in hell POS! Your death SAVED LIVES!
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    Dude, you called it!
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  20. GARDA

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    It's called Karma,
    but pronounced 'Justice'.
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    How do US Marshals manage to do their jobs with those massive balls they have to lug around?

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