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PORT SHELDON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A Michigan State Police trooper fatally shot a nearly 7-foot long snake that slithered onto a road in Ottawa County and was spotted lunging at passing motorists.

The Muskegon Chronicle reports a driver called 911 Monday after seeing the snake attack a pickup truck. The truck's driver, Brian Ahlin, says he repeatedly ran over the snake, which "kept bouncing back with his jaws wide open."

WZZM-TV reports Trooper William **** arrived to find the snake still on the attack. The Grand Rapids Press reports **** used his .40-caliber handgun to kill the snake.

A pet shop later identified the 6-foot, 10-inch snake as a Burmese Python. Authorities say the snake likely was a pet that either escaped from its owner or was deliberately released because of its size.
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