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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A Danville man had been driving drunk when he fell asleep in his car in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, State Police said.
Trooper S.D. Schoolcraft was waiting Monday in the drive-thru lane at the Taco Bell in Kanawha City when he noticed the line of cars was moving but the burgundy Subaru Outback ahead of him was not, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.
After a short time passed, Schoolcraft went to see if the driver was okay and found him slumped over in the driver's seat, appearing to be passed out, the complaint said. Schoolcraft then noticed the strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the station wagon, according to the complaint.
The trooper woke up the driver, identified as Jonathan Michael Ball, 36, of Black Diamond Arbor, who apologized for drinking, the complaint said.
Schoolcraft noted the odor of alcohol on Ball's breath, asked Ball get out of the car and found him to be very unsteady on his feet, according to the complaint.
Ball failed the standard field sobriety tests, could not provide proof of insurance and his Subaru had a cracked windshield, the complaint said. Ball was arrested and taken to the State Police detachment in South Charleston for processing, according to the complaint. He refused to sign his fingerprint cards refused to take a breath test to determine his blood alcohol content, the complaint said.
Troopers who reviewed Ball's criminal history found that he had been charged and convicted twice of driving under the influence, in 1997 and 2005, the complaint said. Ball was charged with felony driving under the influence, having defective equipment, having no insurance, failure to wear a seat belt and refusal to submit fingerprints.

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