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Traveller lost in airport for a week

A confused Greek traveller managed to get lost in a tiny local airport in
Germany - for a whole week.

Christianos Kaklamanis, 38, who was reported missing in his home country,
wandered around Hanover airport in Germany for seven days before a
travel agent noticed him and called police.

Airport officials, who have launched an investigation into how a passenger
could get 'lost' at the airport for a week, contacted his family over the
Terminal-style mix-up and sent the holiday-maker back to Athens, Greece.

Travel agent Sabine Berger who spotted the man said: "I saw him a few
times and at first just thought he was flying in and out of the airport a lot.

"But I soon realised that something was wrong and thought I better alert
the authorities in case. I couldn't believe it when I found out what had
happened to him. I'm just glad he finally got home."

I had to spend the night at the airport in Flint, Michigan many years ago, and I thought that was bad..........

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He must have a medical condition,nobody could be that stupid!
You say this while living in a country that elected Obama?
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