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Speeding tickets are turning into drug arrests, and that's just one example of the Milwaukee Police Department's new effort to crack down on crime.
Officers Dennis Wallich and Gregg Duran have been patrolling on motorcycles for years. Now, the Milwaukee Police Department is positioning its bikes in high crime neighborhoods.
"We kind of stand out differently than a regular patrol car and we're more approachable," Duran said.
It's part of the neighborhood task force initiative that started in June. The officers focus on traffic safety violations.
"Hello. I'm officer Duran with the Milwaukee police, and the reason I just pulled you over is your front plate is missing and then you got a back one on there, but it has no decals on it," Duran said during a traffic stop.
Duran soon learned the driver had a revoked license and the car's plates and registration are suspended. Police said the stops always present something more.
"Yesterday (Tuesday), one of our officers made a stop and recovered about 10 little bags of weed, marijuana for sale and that was just from rolling through a stop sign," Duran said.
In recent weeks, motorcycle patrols have also uncovered weapons, felony warrants and persons of interests in other crimes.
"At some point you will stumble upon the bigger fish, if you will, just by making the small by what some people consider to be small things," Duran said.
Police said there's better communication between the different units through the neighborhood task force. This intelligence helps them fight and investigate crime.

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