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Town of Harvard Police Officer

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Employment' started by j809, Jun 1, 2017.

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    The Town of Harvard Police Department is currently accepting applications to fill two full-time police officer positions. Harvard is a town in Worcester County, located 25 miles west-northwest of Boston along Route 2 and 495 with a population of approximately 6,500 residents. Our ideal candidate is a motivated, driven individual that is committed to community policing philosophy.

    Minimum Requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice or Criminology (related field), a Full-Time Police Academy MPTC or equivalent and two years full-time experience.

    Starting salary $45364.80-$48,152 based on experience (Max Step $59,086.56) plus differential and educational incentive. Differential is $3,120 Eves and $3,744 Mids. New candidates will receive a 5% education incentive for a Bachelor’s Degree or a 10% incentive for a Master’s Degree. Any candidate that is still receiving Quinn-Bill after 2009 would continue to receive Quinn-Bill benefits.

    Other benefits include a 4/2 schedule, 75/25 Health Coverage, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, Paid Holidays, longevity pay, sick-time buyback, detective stipend, uniform allowance We offer a number of opportunities such as participation in CEMLEC and various paid training and specialization, overtime pay and details.

    Candidates would need to complete and pass all phases of the selection process including interviews, extensive background investigation, medical and psychological examinations. Please note, termination from a sworn law enforcement position or resignation in lieu of termination are automatic disqualifiers for this position.

    A resume and cover letter should be submitted electronically by e-mail only to Chief Edward D. Denmark at [email protected]. Any further questions can be sent to Sergeant James D. Babu at [email protected]
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  2. Joel98

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    Good department and good benefits and salary, would be a good opportunity for anyone.
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  3. j809

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    July 1st
    $46272-$49115 to start based on experience
    Top Step $60253

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  4. sgtmike1980

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    Just watch out for the Sgt, I hear he is real piece of work, lol.
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    A bachelor's degree, full time academy, and two years full time police experience. Are they still getting enough qualified applicants with those requirements?
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    Northborough, Concord and a few more require a bachelor's degree now too.

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    I've seen the degree in other postings, just don't think I've seen the full academy and 2 years of full time police experience along with it
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    Brother, you don't know the worst of it!
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    SO, Just curious. I know some officers with 10 years on, and don't have a degree. Just curious what the bachelors degree covers with 10+ years on. Just odd.
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    College degree requirement was implemented and requested by the town. It is a contractual requirement for employment now.

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