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THE 12-year-old Irish girl who allegedly stole a van before ramming a garda patrol car was last night taken out of her mother's care.
Instead, she will be be under 24-hour surveillance in a detention centre for young offenders for the next month, after she breached bail conditions on numerous occasions over the last fortnight.
The child was brought to Limerick juvenile court yesterday by gardai after she was detained on Monday. She appeared two weeks ago after she allegedly stole a Hiace van and brought gardai on a late night pursuit across Limerick city before she rammed a chasing patrol car and attempted to flee the scene on foot.
Yesterday, Judge Tom O'Donnell heard that she broke the bail conditions he imposed on nine separate occasions. She was ordered to stay out of certain areas of Limerick city and to keep a curfew between 8pm and 8am, which she failed to do.
She breached bail conditions within hours of her last court appearance on September 16, when she went to an area she was strictly prohibited from entering. She was also spotted in Limerick city's O'Connell Street, at 1.10am on September 22, and was seen in a car at 4.15am in the early hours of Monday morning.
Judge O'Donnell noted that the young girl had achieved notoriety, given her young age, at the previous sitting.
The judge said it was quite clear from a probation report that she had been out of control for a long time.
The court heard the probation services recommended that the child be sent to Oberstown Girls' Centre for assessment and the judge said he was keen to avail of the offer "in the interests of everybody".
In the witness box, the girl's mother said that her young daughter had seen a man shot dead and it had had a profound affect on her. She said her daughter suffered from ADHD, was taking medication and was constantly at the doctor. She also said the child had a good school attendance record. A relative had also offered to take the girl in.
The juvenile faces five charges of dangerous driving, one count of criminal damage to a squad car and further charges of driving without a licence and no insurance on September 15.
She also faces two public order charges relating to an incident alleged to have occurred last July.
Defence solicitor John Devane said the girl's mother acknowledged that it would be of benefit to her child be sent to Oberstown.
Mr Devane also said his client was entitled to a bit of human dignity and asked that handcuffs not be placed on the child's hands or around her ankles.
The child was brought to Oberstown Girl's Centre, Lusk, Co Dublin last night.
Judge O'Donnell asked that any preliminary report that was carried out be provided to Limerick probation services as it is "very important that they are involved in the overall matter".
The case was adjourned until October 28.
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