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Top Ten Signs Your Child's Little League Coach Is A Yankees Fan

10. Asks father of best lefthanded pitcher to move family to Houston.

9. Deals your 8-year-old for another $100 prospect.

8. Instinctively yells "See ya!" every time one of his brats hits one out.

7. He's a big spoiled dumbass.

6. Spends all his time at baseball camp urging kids on other side of lake to defect.

5. Makes your kid a "ninth-inning specialist" even though they only play seven innings.

4. Spot him at Baskin Robbins buying a round of ice-cream sundaes for best kids on opposing teams; think you overhear the word "trade."

3. Notice an alarming increase in your child's forearms.

2. New kid at second base looks suspiciously like Luis Sojo.

1. Your child starts at third base, just bought you a new house and makes more money than the whole Devil Rays roster.
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