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(Hollister, California) A 39-year-old local married mother, Cheryl Bush (aka Busch), was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing her 18-month-old daughter in her crib. Police found the toddler with gunshot wounds to her head and chest.

According to San Benito County Sheriff Curtis Hill, the murder weapon, a .357 magnum, was found outside the house occupied by John and Cheryl Bush.
"We are still trying to determine a motive," Hill said. "Both parents were home. It appears the husband was outside the residence in a shop area; he was starting his day. His atttention was brought back to the house based on what occurred out there."

"When he went in, he saw his wife in a distraught frame of mind. The young girl, Donna Mae, was obviously showing some signs of the wounds at the scene. She died of multiple gunshot wounds--one to the chest and also a single gunshot wound to the head."
Cheryl Bush was booked into custody at the county jail and placed under suicide watch. Her husband was questioned and released.
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