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Two year-old Andrew Ansanitis escaped from his daycare in Chicopee and into traffic

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) -- A South Hadley mother is speaking out after her 25 month-old son escaped from his daycare and wandered two blocks into traffic.
Two year-old Andrew Ansanitis is safe and sound, but last Thursday the curious toddler wandered away from the Pumpkin Patch Daycare on Wildamiere Street in Chicopee.
"He opened an unlocked gate, got to another road and was found by a motorist walking down the center line down a busy road", Andrew's mom, Stefanie Binczewski said.
Binczewski was at work when she got the scariest call of her life. Demina Lupien, who owns the daycare was on the other line.
"She said Andrew was okay but something happened to him. He was found two streets over and had been recovered. Then the police called me", Binczewski said.
According to a Chicopee police report, two motorists passing by the corner of East and Crestwood Streets spotted Andrew trotting along with traffic and scooped him up. Andrew's mom said if those two good Samaritans didn't stop to help her son, she doesn't want to think about what might have happened.
"He could have been hit, he could have been taken. It's a good thing there are more good people in this world, than bad," she said.
Chicopee police Captain Gary Godin told 22News, Lupien's 19-year old boyfriend, Roland Roberge found the child and claimed to he the father before returning him to daycare. Roberge and Lupien refused to comment on the record.
Binczewski said she wants all parents to investigate their children's daycare thoroughly. Andrew has since left the Pumpkin Patch.
The Department of Social Services is currently looking into the case. If negligence is found, the Lupien could have her license revoked.
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