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Time For A Few Good Books

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by Inspector, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Want a suggestion for a good book?
    I just finished re-reading "Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America".
    It was one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in a long time, but of course, I'm partial.
    And if you haven't read it yet, please pick up Meachams "American Lion; the story of Andrew Jackson."
    AJ was my kind of democrat. If you wanted to challenge that man, you had best bring a Gatling gun.
    He was a superior man, not just politician, but a MAN.
    I like that. We have far too many estrogenic males in Washington nowadays and not enough men of metal and heart with balls.

    Reading "Going Rogue" now, with "Quiet Strength" on deck.
  2. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    "I am now reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. SO far its pretty good but its about 800 pages so it is gonna take awhile.[/QUOTE]"

    King makes a great "Jack Reacher" reference in The Dome which was cool for a Lee Child fan.
  3. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Just read Rogue Warrior: Domino Theory and SEAL Team 6 Memoir of an elite SEAL sniper. Marcinko's always good for a juicy no-brainer. This one had a little more self deprecation.. The ST6 was more self actualization, very little team talk.

    Now reading The Heart and the Fist. So far so good..
  4. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    The original Rogue Warrior is still one of the best SEAL books out there but some other good ones to check out are Warriors Soul by Chuck Pfarrer, One Perfect Op by Dennis Chalked and Combat Swimmer by Bob Gormley. Marcinkos The Real Team is also good and shows the real guys his fictional characters are based on.
  5. Eagle13

    Eagle13 #FYPM

    I was just trying to figure out what to read this summer after I finish George W's book. Thanks. Anyone willing to lend a copy out, $49-188 on Amazon used.
  6. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    Do you mean like this? :teeth_smile:
    YouTube - ‪Roll a D6‬‏
  7. Eagle13

    Eagle13 #FYPM

    Found signal zero. Around $20 on Amazon used. Got it today and looks brand new.
  8. CJIS

    CJIS MassCops Member

    If you are looking for books Borders is going to start closing it's doors Friday. Might find some good deals
  9. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Holy shit what a great read. Laughed myself to hysteria more than a few times. Brought back a lot of good memories too....
  10. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    Right now, I'm reading a book "You Can't Say That" by David Bernstein. It's all about how in an effort to secure civil rights, we've given away loads of civil liberties. It was a particularly timely read in light of the recent prayer ban thread.

    I knew it'd be a good read when I read a quote on the back, "If you're looking to start an argument, bring this book to an ACLU meeting."
  11. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    I just read Myth and Hypocrisy Exposed, Why 90% of Black People Vote for Democrats by Alton Lavallis. What a fantastic, informative read and full of great facts, book a MUST read for any person but especially for Blacks.

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