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A man suspected of intimidating his neighbors over loud music was shot by Phoenix police officers Sunday night after he allegedly answered the door holding a firearm, authorities said.
It was the third officer-involved shooting in Phoenix over the weekend. Police shot and wounded the suspect in all three confrontations; the six Phoenix police officers have been placed on routine paid leave pending department review.
In the latest incident, three officers shot a man in the doorway of his apartment near Seventh Avenue and Bell Road around 10 p.m. Sunday after the man answered their knock with a weapon, according to police. The man was taken to a nearby hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, but was expected to survive, Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. As he lay wounded, the man told officers that he had been drinking and that he suffered from mental problems, Thompson added.
The three officers responded to the apartment were told by neighbors that the man had approached them with a gun after they asked him to turn down his music.
Each of the three officers who fired in Sunday's shooting have less than two years experience, police said.
Two other officer-involved shootings are also under investigation.
On Saturday, a 16-year-old suspected car thief was shot in the chest around 10 p.m. after he reportedly failed to heed police commands to stop and instead drove toward the officers. The confrontation occurred at an automobile-auction yard in the 3400 block of South 48th Street.
The two officers suffered minor injuries after firing at the vehicle; they are described as four- and five-year veterans.
The teen was listed in critical condition at Maricopa Medical Center Sunday night. Two other people were arrested on suspicion of auto theft.
Earlier Saturday, a 22-year-old man was shot in the 16400 block of North 28th Street at 2 a.m. after officers responded to a shooting call.
One officer, an eight-year veteran, fired on the man after he reportedly stepped out of a vehicle and pointed a gun at a group of officers. The man was expected to survive gunshots to his hand and abdomen.
As many as three other people were arrested in the 28th Street incident.
Thompson said the three officer-involved shootings on consecutive nights is an uncommon occurrence.
Each of the six officers is on paid administrative leave as Phoenix Police homicide detectives, who commonly investigate officer-involved shootings, and officials with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office conduct separate reviews of the incidents. Additionally, separate criminal investigations are ongoing.
Thompson said the standard procedure of paid administrative leave provides officers with time to regroup from incidents in which they are forced to react with deadly force in just fractions of a second.
The experience of shooting someone, no matter the circumstances, is never easy for an officer, he said.
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