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ATTLEBORO - Three people were arraigned Wednesday in Attleboro District Court on drug peddling charges related to two separate undercover drug investigations by city police and the Northern Bristol County Drug Task Force.

The accused drug dealers were arrested Tuesday night after police made undercover drug purchases and searched the home of one of the suspects, seizing more than 15 grams of alleged crack cocaine and a car.

Amanda Lee Taylor-Driscoll, 22, of 251 County St. in Attleboro, allegedly sold crack cocaine to undercover police on three occasions in September and on Tuesday night before police arrested her and obtained a search warrant for her apartment.

Police alleged she swallowed some of the evidence when they moved in to arrest her about 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot of a convenience store at County Square where she completed a sale. She was treated at Sturdy Memorial Hospital before being released for her arraignment in Attleboro District Court.

She wept quietly in the prisoner's dock during her arraignment and errupted into tears after Judge Richard Savignano, noting she faces a mandatory jail term if convicted, set bail at $15,000 cash and ordered her sent to jail. Taylor-Driscoll pleaded innocent to trafficking in crack cocaine, distributing cocaine, distributing cocaine near a day care center, drug conspiracy and possession of marijuana and prescription pain killers.

Her lawyer, Nicole Charleston, described Taylor-Driscoll as a college graduate who was recently married and laid off from her job at a medical billing company.

She said Taylor-Driscoll was struggling to take care of a 3-year-old child from a previous relationship and could not afford high bail.

Taylor-Driscoll is also accused of taking part in one of the undercover drug sales last month with Jerell Cook, 22, of 107 Read St. in Attleboro, Assistant District Attorney William Bromwell said.

Cook allegedly sold undercover police two grams of crack cocaine on Sept. 17 in a parking lot off South Main Street, near the Busy Bee Learning Center at 209 South Main St., before Taylor-Driscoll picked him up in her car, police said.

Cook pleaded innocent to distributing crack cocaine, drug conspiracy and distributing crack cocaine near a day care center before being ordered held in jail on $5,000 cash bail.

His lawyer, Stephen M. Scialla, argued that his client should have been released because, although he has an arrest record, he has no history of failing to make court appearances. He is due back in court Nov. 7.

Arrested in a separate investigation was Jerry L. Henderson, 49, of 67 Peck St. in Attleboro.

Henderson, who has an extensive criminal record and has served time in state prison, faces two charges of distributing cocaine (subsequent offense).

He is accused of selling undercover police cocaine on two occasions outside his apartment, police said. He pleaded innocent and was ordered held in jail on $10,000 cash bail. He is due back in court Nov. 18. City police seized Taylor-Driscoll's 2004 Toyota Corrolla and are expected to seek court action to have it forfeited as evidence in a drug-dealing operation.

City detectives are members of the Northern Bristol County Drug Task Force, which also includes investigators from Mansfield and Norton.
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