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Teens Charged With Beating Man

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Three people have been arrested and a woman has been hospitalized after a brawl outside of Manchester District Court on Monday.

News 9 reported that an argument started in the courtroom between the friends and family of 20-year-old David Mosel and supporters of two teenagers being arraigned in connection with Mosel's beating.

The argument spilled out of the courtroom and into the street, where three people were arrested. News 9 reported a woman was taken to a hospital after smashing her head into a window while being detained by police.
Four people have been charged in connection with Mosel's beating, and Manchester police said they are searching for another suspect in the case.

Police said Mosel was beaten, stomped on and left for dead. He was found in an alley last Sunday. He is currently in a coma at Elliot Hospital.

John Santana-Cedeno, 17; Jeremy Rodriguez, 18; Danny Brens, 17, and a 16-year-old have been arraigned in connection with the beating.
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