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March 25, 2004 -- A Queens ax murderer, who beheaded his wife and son and killed his stepson, is taking the cops to court in a bizarre legal gambit he hopes will land him $80 million.

Richard Timmons, 39, claims four cops roughed him up in the wake of his sick rampage. His civil trial begins April 19.

"The officers continually hit me about the face and about the body," Timmons told Brooklyn federal Judge John Gleeson yesterday in a conference call from the upstate Clinton Correctional Facility, where he's doing life.

Detectives Dennis Bardin, Robert LeDee, Richard McCabe and Richard Sica deny the allegations.

Police came upon a scene of carnage on June 8, 1997,m after a 911 operator heard blows and a child screaming, "Daddy, please!" in a call from the Long Island City apartment Timmons shared with his wife, Annita Stewart.

Stewart's head was found in a bed on a pillow, with her body in another room. Aaron, 7, was also decapitated, and 13-year-old Sharonne was stabbed to death. Timmons slit his wrists but survived. He now claims he was beaten at the hospital where he was treated and at the station house.

A close relative of Annita's blasted Timmons.

"I hope the judge laughs in his face," said the relative, who did not want to be identified. "He's a lowlife animal. The whole family's dead and he's out parading."

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Yeah Too bad!
Maybe Clark can get him off by saying Clinton should have done something to prevent it!
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