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Police Say Enough Fuel Stolen To Run Vehicle For Year

ROCHESTER, N.H. -- Almost $2,000 worth of diesel fuel was siphoned out of a tanker truck in Rochester over the weekend, police said.

Police said the thieves stole enough fuel to keep someone's car or truck running for almost a full year. The owners of Lambert's Auto and Truck Recyclers said no one noticed the fuel was missing until Monday, when a driver ran out of gas.

"Well, first, I kind of thought, Gordon, why didn't you fill the truck?" said Rebecca Snedeker of Lambert's. "And I went online and checked our credit card receipts, and sure (enough), he filled it up on Friday."

Police said 400 gallons of fuel was taken.
"I get it," Snedeker said. "I don't agree with it, but I get it. The economy, the price of fuel. I mean, I'm sure it's in somebody's tank, many tanks. Who knows, you know?"
Snedeker said in 14 years of running the business, nothing like this has ever happened. But, she said, it has never cost this much to fill up before.
Rochester police said they are following up on some good leads, including surveillance video of the scene.
In the meantime, Snedeker said the business has installed locking gas caps on the trucks and brighter lights overhead.
"That's all we can do and hope for the best," she said.
Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to call Rochester police.

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Not to be a wiseacre...
Who can operate for a year on 400 gallons of diesel fuel? In an F-250/350 thats about 6000 miles or so at best?

Okay maybe my grandmother in her Volkswagen rabbit diesel:confused:
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