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DANVERS — A 72-year-old grandmother had her arm twisted and her cell phone stolen by a robber yesterday after she drove up to a burglary in progress at her son's home.
Police said the woman pulled her car into her son's driveway at 198 Locust St. at noon and found a suspicious car with no license plate.
Immediately afterward, two men walked out of the home carrying a safe from the house.
The woman grabbed her cell phone and the two men approached the woman as she sat in her car.
One man demanded the phone and the other man grabbed her arm and twisted it until she let go, police Capt. Edmund Plamowski said.
They then demanded the woman move her car so they could make their getaway. The woman complied.
The woman, who police did not want to identify because of the severity of the crime, is from Danvers.
"She didn't sustain any injuries," Plamowski said. "She's shaken up, rightfully so."
Police spent hours at the home processing the crime scene for evidence. Plamowski said the two men forced their way into the home through a rear window.
The burglars' car is described as a dark, sun-faded black, four-door vehicle. The two men are described to be in their late teens to early 20s and very thin.
One of the men was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and the other man was wearing a lighter-colored hooded sweatshirt. Both men had the hoods over their faces, cinched tight.
The men fled in their car in an unknown direction.
Patrolman Keith Chalmers is investigating the break-in and assault, along with Detectives Eric Clarizia, Stephen Baldassare and Timothy Williamson.

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