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The Walking Dead (Caution! Spoiler Alert)

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by Hush, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    (Zombie/cop show on AMC)
    Man, I had such high hopes for The Walking Dead, but they committed an unforgivable error when the Sheriff instructed one of his deputies with a Glock to make sure the "safety was off." Thats not even the worst part, the deputy then flipped the "safety" on the Glock and it made an audible click.....come on, really?????
  2. jedediah1

    jedediah1 MassCops Member

    glock nerd alert...

    did they have to rack a round too? that's good for a laugh, although not as funny as the constant racking of shotguns without shooting them in between (every bruce willis or steven segal movie ever)
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  3. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    I liked the realism of the deafening effect of discharging his wheel gun inside the Abrahams.
    All told, I was entertained....
  4. TRPDiesel

    TRPDiesel MassCops Member

    I was watching that last night as well. It was alright but I won't take it too hard if I don't see it again.

    1) taking a shovel to the face should leave a mark....
    2) Sheriff having a hard time believing about Zombies after the one tried to crawl after him while he was on the bike.
    3) All the tactical errors he commited when dealing with Zombies-He is a lucky bastard.
  5. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    I liked it. No mad men or rubicon so I have nothing else to watch on sunday besides Eastbound.
  6. vttroopah

    vttroopah dirtbaggumus maximus

    I assumed it was a MA compliant Glock. :yellowcarded:

    It was entertaining, but I won't be mad if I miss an episode.
  7. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    I liked it, course I like that end of the world, apocalypse, zombie shit anyway. They pretty much went all out on the makeup and bloody effects, but couldn't be bothered to get our tactics straight though.

    Like Hush said, safety on a Glock? How about laying spike strips down where any grandma could avoid em? Worse yet, they depicted a catastrophic blowout and they flipped what looked like a '70 GTO Judge! I'm sure it was just a run of the mill LeMans dressed to look the part, but still fuckers, they don't grow on trees anymore!
  8. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Is anyone as addicted to this show as I am?

    Sunday's episode was one of the best this season.....plenty of zombies, lots of blood/gore, and the plot twist of Shane thinking that Rick was going to leave him in the school bus surrounded by walkers, then Rick charging to the rescue.

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  9. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Extraordinarily addicted. Like a fat kid to cupcakes...

    It's nice to see... ya know, ZOMBIES... the whole BS within the farmhouse is getting old.
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  10. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    The "Talking Dead" last week had one of the producers on, and the comments from the fans practically all said "more zombies", and he acknowledged that they had received that message, loud & clear. They certainly came through Sunday night.

    What I'd like to see either this season or next is the reappearance of a pissed-off and hand-less Daryl, the group coming across Jim the mechanic as a walker, and Carol getting mauled by walkers....she annoys me, and now that Sophia is gone, there's no need for that character anymore.
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  11. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    I really like the show, my wife isn't really interested in it.

    A few nits to pick. If even a scratch from a walker can infect and turn someone, after Shane and Rick got into a knock down, drag out fight and were split open, how did they avoid getting zombie fluids into their open wounds?

    Example, when three walkers downed Rick and he shot the last moving one through the mouth of another one, he got sprayed with shit. His face was cut up from fighting with Shane. I guess I think too much, but it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of watching it.
  12. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    No, it's a good point.

    It's still up in the air if getting scratched by a walker can infect someone.....Shane & Rick were debating that when they examined the bodies of the 2 dead cops at the DPW yard, and couldn't find any bites on them. I think that will become a major plot of the major characters (my money is on Shane) gets infected without actually being bitten.
  13. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    After last season I "read" a bunch of the graphic novels (ok, they're comic books I guess) from the local library and I'm hoping they stay away from those plots.
    I'm sick to death of the cop's wife, and I loved when the crossbow guy called her, "Olive Oil." I understand that a character can be written to be annoying, but I couldn't stand that actress when she was on "Prison Break" as well. I'm rooting for her to turn an ankle next time she's getting chased.
    Anyways, that show makes Sunday night way more tolerable.
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  14. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I haven't read any of the books, but from watching "The Talking Dead", I guess they've already deviated from that plot line.

    I find Carol (Sophia's mother/Ed's wife) far more annoying than Lori, and Lori being pregnant & at odds with Shane adds a lot of drama to the equation, so I'm hoping she sticks around for awhile.

    I personally would be satisfied if every episode consisted of new & inventive ways to kill walkers, and one of my questions (how much ammunition do they have?) was addressed last Sunday when Rick told Shane they need to start using knives & impact weapons to conserve ammo.
  15. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    Zombies w/o bite marks was sort of addressed in books. I don't want to be a dick and maybe spoil something; PM me if you want the particulars.
    I will say one thing, Norm on "Cheers" once said that "Cool Hand Luke" was the 'sweatiest' movie of all time (I always thought "Platoon" was sweatier, w/ "Bridge on the River Kwai" a close 2nd), but one episode of this show puts them all to shame.
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  16. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    I thought that Daryl (the crossbow guy) looked familiar. If you're familiar with the movie(s) Boondock Saints, he's one of the McManus brothers.

    Because I love this type of genre, apocalypse via zombie/infection, I picked up "Left for Dead 2" for my PC. It's a video game, and puts you right in the middle of the shit on Z day. The zombies in that game allegedly have are infected by a mutated rabies virus. Most actually run rather than stagger after you, and if you don't really have a choice but to play one of four characters. The computer takes over the other 3 you don't play. I'm impressed with the tactics shown, covering fire, communication "Reloading, cover me!", but the last level you absolutely get hammered on the bridge out of New Orleans.
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  17. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Great episode tonight, didn't see that ending coming at all!
  18. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    I havent watched the show since the mid season break, when Sophia popped up again. I got alot of catching up to do.
  19. gm7988

    gm7988 MassCops Member


    Though I didn't predict Dale being the one who bit the dust, I thought it was fairly obvious that the zombie that dumbass Carl taunted would find its way back to the farm. This season has been lagging a bit, but I absolutely love zombies so I'm still captivated by this shows every move.

    I don't know if anyone has seen this but if not, enjoy

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  20. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    Me neither. I was shocked when they put him down.
    They need to go ahead and get rid of that kid already (was he in "Rescue Me"?). I'm about sick of them talking about it so much.
  21. JMody

    JMody Special...

    DAMN!!!! I read spoiler and then Dale bit the dust..... I didn't get to watch the episode last night. lol. a spoiler tag would be awesome. [ spoiler][ /spoiler] anything in between gets hidden unless you click a link. lol. O well. My own fault.
  22. gm7988

    gm7988 MassCops Member

    Sorry man.
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  23. JMody

    JMody Special...

    No need to be. I was dumb enough to read on. lol.
  24. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    Sorry about that...
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  25. JMody

    JMody Special...

    No worries. I read it. lol

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