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The Tactical Edge Seminar
Boston, Massachusetts

March 9, 10, 2005

Sponsored by:
Boston Heathcare Systems Police & Massasoit College Campus Police

The Tactical Edge Seminar Cost:
This 2 day seminar costs $199.00
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Early bird pricing available to on all seminar registrations received 60 days PRIOR to a Calibre Press Seminar. After 60 days regular retail price applicable.

The Tactical Edge Seminar:

The finest instructors in law enforcement training look at officer safety with a practiced eye to bring you the most comprehensive "Street Survival" experience ever! A newly updated Training & Resource guide will be provided for you to keep for future reference to remind you of these valuable lessons learned from the seminar:

Survive Threats on Your Job! Learn how to:
  • Exploring and living the legacy of survival on the street
  • Meeting the challenge of committing to peak performance
  • Uncovering the strategies of winning vs. surviving
  • Gaining strength from the values of the warrior
  • Understanding and applying "time framing" to your tactical advantage
  • Understanding how the Risk Thermostat predicts behavior
  • Gaining tactical superiority through speed, surprise and commitment to action
  • Winning against an active shooter
  • Assessing the vulnerabilities and likelihood of a terrorist attack
  • Identifying risks associated with career criminals & gang members
  • Assessing threats from the emotionally disturbed
  • Controlling your own fear and arousal & use them to benefit your performance
  • Training the mind through crisis rehearsal & mental preparation
  • Mentally and physically preparing for an off duty encounter
  • Analyzing methods of gaining and keeping physical control
  • Studying offensive and defensive principles of the edged weapon
  • The righteous use of deadly force and making peace with the deadly force decision
  • Living the lifestyle of winning

Daily Agenda

Day-1 check-in begins at 7:00am. Days-1&2 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PUBLIC SAFETY ID Required. No weapons or special clothing necessary. A Training & Resource Guide(r) will be provided as a record of Seminar content. No audio or video recording or photography permitted. Certificates of completion will be presented at the end of Day 2. Copies of Calibre Press' best-selling books, videos, audios and other survival items will be available at reduced rates.

Seminar Location:
Massasoit Conference Center
77 Crescent Street, Brockton
Brockton, Massachusetts

We recommend the following hotels for accommodations:

Best Western-Carlton House Hotel
(Located directly across the street from the VA Medical Center)
1005 Belmont Street
Brockton, MA
Room Rate: $75.00

Radison Hotel
(Located approximately 3-miles from the VA Medical Center within the Westgate Mall Complex)
195 Westgate Drive
Brockton, MA
Room Rate: $99.00

Super 8 Motel
(Located approximately 3-miles from the VA Medical Center within the Westgate Mall Complex)
385 Westgate Drive
Brockton, MA
Room Rate: $60.03
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