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The streaker who got it wrong

THIS is the tale of a streaker who got it wrong - and ended up flat out cold in front of jeering spectators at a footy match north of Adelaide

The brave streaker - whose identity as this stage is unknown - jumped the fence at the eight minute mark of the final quarter of the preliminary finals match between United vs Hummocks Watchman Eagles match at Virginia Oval, AdelaideNow reports.

According to witnesses, he ran to the centre half back position where he did a "funny" jump - but landed heavily on this head and was "out cold".

St John Ambulance volunteers at the ground attended to him and several minutes later he was carried from the oval on a stretcher.

It's understood he recovered soon after.

For the record, HW Eagles won the match and will take on Mallala in the grand final this weekend.,23599,24348646-13762,00.html
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