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The Smartest Man On Earth

Discussion in 'Fundraisers & Charity Events' started by LGriffin, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Todd Ruggere of the Mass. Beer Tour is criss-crossing Massachusetts, raising his glass to raise money for the Jimmy Fund

    Todd Ruggere is looking to help sick children. Drinking beer is just the way he's chosen to do it.
    Since January, the 38-year-old Grafton man is involved in his own personal Ruthian effort to raise money for the Jimmy Fund, the fund-raising arm of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He is attempting to drink a beer in every city and town in Massachusetts – all 351 of them – by the end of this year.
    So far, the Mass Beer Tour has brought him to more than 141 communities with just over seven months left in the year. By the end of Sunday, he expects to be at 150. It sounds impressive, but it's not yet at the halfway point. To paraphrase Frost, he has miles to go and beers to drink before he sleeps. At a recent visit to The Hanger in Amherst, stop number 129, Ruggere said “I only have 222 to go.”

    Some people piss their pants running miles or chafe themselves biking a century but this man selflessly helps others by drinking beer.
    He is by far, the smartest man on the face of the earth.
    You can do it, Todd! I know you can! :D
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    "Hey, Look at YOU!!!" :p
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    what about the several town with no bars or liquor stores. Will he just bring a 6 pack over the town line? How about we do a MassCops Fund Raiser for some charity and do the same damn thing! I'm not on time off, but I'd like to give it a shot...and a beer!

    And I'd drink a toast to this BRILLIANT man who has made fund raising an ART worth patronizing!
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    Hi. Someone forwarded me this link. Thanks for the kind words. It took me 266 days to finish. It's all on my website I met the most amazing people, and even met the Watertown police when I went to Watertown. The total raised was just about $40,000 with the 5k that Sam Adams kicked in. For the 40 towns that don't have any place to drink I found a resident in each town to have a beer with. They would usually have cookouts for my visit. I even had a beer at a nudist colony in Hancock Mass. Thanks for all that followed me. I don't think this will be the end of the road for me.
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