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The new Cambridge/Northeastern Police Academy

Discussion in 'Academy Information' started by clm38, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Edmizer1

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    Nothing has really changed in the last 25 years right up until now. It used to be that part-time municipal officers could bump a full-time UMASS or EPO or any campus from a spot in a full-time MPTC academy because MPTC academies had to offer first choice to all "municipal" officers first. UMASS and EPO's got added a few years ago to the MPTC's mandate so they have as much right to attend a full-time MPTC academy as any other municipal department. This has never been the case for all other campus police department's. They can only attend a state run or directly state funded MPTC academy if there are extra unfilled spots. An MPTC "CERTIFIED" academy that is not affiliated with the state, and does not receive state funding, can open its doors to any PD on a whim. My understanding is that you really don't see non-MPTC run academy classes funded by the MPTC anymore but they were once very common. I went to a City PD academy as a campus cop that was funded by the MPTC.

    I was told it works like this: Gotham City PD calls the MPTC and wants to run an academy with the 25 Gotham City recruits and has room to train 55 officers. MPTC agrees to fund the class at the Gotham City PD academy but since they are using MPTC funding, they must accept the extra 30 officers the MPTC will direct towards them. These officers will be municipal/UMASS/EPO full-time first and then other PDs if extra spots are available. If your full-time certified academy is non-MPTC funded, you could offer it to only part-time private campus PD officers if you wanted to. Some may recall that MPTC funding was used to fund a National Guard municipal full-time academy a few years ago. I heard some municipal chiefs went bananas because that went against the rules as everyone understands them to be.
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    Yes, Lowell and Cambridge had a split following last year's academy (2018). About 1-2 weeks into that academy, most of the Lowell staff was changed out and new DIs brought in; or those who remained were bumped up in position.

    From what I've heard, Cambridge was not too pleased with how er... aggressive their recruits were trained/had been trained in recent years. The staffing change was more of a straw that broke the camel's back, as this new NE/Cambridge academy was already in the works being planned, but perhaps pushed up on an accelerated timeline.

    All the Cambridge DIs from the former LPA now run this new academy with new DIs as well obviously

    Take the above post with a grain of salt as it's mostly hearsay... but comes from credible sources
  3. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    My class had 3 P/T cops in class. When 2 were discovered by the Training Council (MCJTC) they were told they could not finish the academy since they were required to be FULL TIME employed officers. The third sort of sat quietly and never uttered a sound, though we all knew. Some wrangling by the head of the Academy and well connected classmate kept them in. One full time guy severely injured his knee. He too was allowed to graduate with us, though he couldn't do any PT including the run and he retired almost immediately after.

    On an up-note, he got back to work, had a good career and retired again.
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    I'm curious how the "PT is lacking" at a MPTC authorized academy / is called camp cupcake when the new cooper standards are the same for EVERY MPTC run or authorized academy?
  5. USAF3424

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    I saw a lot of it firsthand. Trust me lol
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    No Fooling? I had applied one time to Mount Wachusett Community College campus police, figuring that i was an alumni in their Criminal Justice program and completed the Boylston Reserve intermitant academy, I was a shoe in. But the Chief only will hire full time trained officers. Can you believe that?
  7. 503AUX

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    Funny thing is when i went through the Reserve academy, it wasn't really physical at all, just a lot of testing,reading and presentations. Granted it started getting physical out in the field, LOL!!!!!!
  8. j809

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    They should do some backgrounds on people going to their academy. We had a graduate apply that is a habitual traffic offender.

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  9. CapeSpecial

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  10. 503AUX

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    what kind of traffic offense? I can understand a repetitive dangerous drive but some that have out dated inspection stickers, in my opinion, shouldn't be on the chopping block.
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  11. j809

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    Numerous suspensions and actually being an HTO

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  12. Hush

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    Departments: We can't find enough applicants!
    Also Departments: tHiS gUy HaS SpEeDiNG TicKeTs.
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  13. 503AUX

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    That’s a pity, there are plenty of good trained reservists out there that won’t even get a good look at.
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    Silence my little friend.......Remember that you're being looked at too!;)
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  15. Roy Fehler

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    Let me guess, a self-sponsor?
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  16. 503AUX

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    LOL!!! Roger that.
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  17. CCCSD

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    Had Lana Burner in our academy...

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