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Peeler pal highly rated for fire post

By AARON LEO [email protected]

BRIDGEPORT - Earl King Jr., who served a federal prison sentence for bagging crack cocaine for the Peeler drug ring, is among the top 20 candidates to become city firefighters.

Russell and Adrian Peeler were convicted for their roles in the brutal 1999 slayings of Karen Clarke and her 8-year-old son, Leroy "B.J." Brown Jr., in their Bridgeport home.

King, the son of a city police detective who grew up and played Little League baseball with Adrian Peeler, testified at his murder trial.

Another convicted felon, Edward Valderrama, of Old Town Road, is also on the list, ranking 91st. King is ranked 16.

City civil service standards since 1936 have barred convicted felons from being firefighters. However, there is no such prohibition in city regulations or in the City Charter.

But after naming the ex-convicts last month to the hiring list, the Civil Service Commission voted Wednesday night to review the decision at an Aug. 10 special meeting in City Hall.

The panel then tabled the issues after a closed 2-hour session.

"I had discussions with the city attorney's office and several things came to our attention," John C. Colligan, the city's former civil service director, said Wednesday before entering the session closed to the public.

Colligan, who opposed the appointments, continues in office pending selection of a replacement.

"This was a decision of a very significant nature," he said, noting that Fire Chief Michael Maglione was not consulted at first about the appointments.

He added that the Police Department's Office of Internal Affairs, which conducts criminal background checks for the civil service office, has since presented new information.

Valderrama's lawyer, John Gulash, and King's lawyer, Susan Wallace, both chose closed sessions for discussion of their clients' cases. The reason for Valderrama's conviction was not known.

Maglione addressed the commission during the closed session.

Leaders of two minority firefighter groups, the Firebirds and the International Association of Black Fire Fighters, attended the meeting to support the candidates.

Critics of the appointments at the session were lawyer for the Bridgeport Firefighters for Merit Employment, a group dedicated to adhering to civil service rules of hiring and promotion and one of 19 white firefighter candidates suing numerous city officials, boards and agencies for alleged violations of their civil rights.

They are also challenging the fairness of the testing process. The two felons are ranked higher than the 19 white candidates.

Rankings are based on scores from an oral exam.

Colligan told a reporter asking Wednesday to review the two convicts' applications to send a written request to the civil service office. He said he needed to seek legal advice about the possibility of releasing those records.

In response to another question, Colligan said he did not know of anyone lying on the criminal background section of the civil service applications.

Aaron Leo, who covers regional issues, can be reached at 330-6222.

This is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. This is an embarresment to firefighters as well any other public servant :evil: :evil: :x

Posted Fri 30 Jul, 2004 23:54:

This is a big call out to all Paid and Volunteer firefighters , Polices officers in the Connecticut , New York ,New Jersey ,Upper New England area, United Sates, IAFF, IBFF , IHFF

Bridgeport area Firefighters and Firefighter Safe House are holding a protest at City of Bridgeport City Hall 45 Lyon Terrace Bridgeport CT 06604 during City of Bridgeport Common Council meeting on Sept 7, 2004 6pm.

Bridgeport area Firefighters and Firefighter safe house are seeking the remove of City of Bridgeport Civil Service Commission, Personnel Director John C. Colligan and the remove of 3 convicted Felons and 9 Candidates who failed back ground check who are still on the top of Firefighter hiring list.

City of Bridgeport and Civil Service Commission are putting City of Bridgeport Firefighters and residents and surrounding Towns Fairfield, Trumbull, Strafford, Westport Firefighters and residents in great danger by hireing 3 convicted Felons and 9 candidates who failed back ground checks.

One of Convicted Felons served Federal prison term for bagging cocaine for Drug King Pins Russell and Adrain Peeler who sparked a national uproar for their role in killing prospective murder witness 8 year old Leroy B.J Brown and his mother Karen Clark. The felon also testified against Peelers brothers during there murder.

What happens when Felon is working on a fire truck with others firefighters and Peelers gangs members decide to put hit on Felon Firefighter and shoot up the Fire truck he is riding in and kills innocent Firefighters? What happens when rival gang members see Felon firefighter at working fire? The gang then does a drive by shooting and a bullet miss and kills an innocent firefighter. What is City of Bridgeport going to say to innocent Firefighter family children? When they ask why mom or dad not coming home???

The Mayor of City of Bridgeport John Fabrizi has sat on his Fat ass about this big issue destroying his City and Fire Dept and has done nothing to protect his City and Firefighters.

Now it's time the City of Bridgeport Civil Services Commission and Mayor Fabriz here us.

So please Brothers help us save are Brothers in City of Bridgeport by showing up at City of Bridgeport City hall on Sept 7, 2004 6 pm for the big rally please show up.

If you need directions or more info please contact Adam Gordon at [email protected]

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but that happens in mass. as well. I think that with the Fire they can only go back five years in regards to criminal record. At least that's what I have heard. There are plenty of dirtballs who slip throught he cracks.

<<<<<Absolutely black- absolutely think they should be off the list. And being black, i think i am able to say that its time to stop hiring minorities that score lower than a more qualified non minority, just because they are a minority. Thats why they(the Public) likes to think we (all cops) are dumb as dog $h1t. Affirmative action just gives them more of a reason to think it, the whole pick a less qualified black person over the white person thing. But maybe i only think that because im black and already am where i want to be as far as career wise.(or at least off to a good start) And yeah, i know this was originally about felon firefighters but i just had to voice my opinion and i hope i did not offend ANYONE, regardless of there race,religion,creed,sex,or sexual orientation. And yeah, i know that there is noway i could have offended all of them in this post unless i was talking about a black/hispanic/white, jew/catholic homosexual sHIM, all in one. No offense though seriously.
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