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The 80th RTT Thread

Discussion in 'MassCops Gold - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' started by MSO1, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. spahopeful

    spahopeful New Member

    The best piece of advice I gathered from this site "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Over the last two years, I've applied to a couple of different agencies and will probably have at least one offer to an academy next year. It was my goal to be Mass. State Trooper but I knew I couldn't just sit back and wait. If you are willing to relocate, check out other state and federal agencies. The FBI is looking to hire almost 1000 agents next year.
  2. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    Dont be afraid to check out some local agencies also!! Some of them are very good to work for and offer more oportunity that state does.
  3. Simon

    Simon Guest

  4. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

  5. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

  6. JMB1977

    JMB1977 New Member

    Paul Blart is the coolest name.
  7. johnjohn

    johnjohn MassCops Member

    Anyone have any idea how the exam is going to be setup? I always thought MSP did their own testing. But I believe you have the option of having your score be placed for MSP and/or CS eligibility. I just hope this doesn't mean the testing will be formatted like the previous CS exam.
  8. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Take your pick of busy cities; Boston, Worcester, Springfield, etc.

    First off, I did notice the irony in the misspelling. :cool:

    Now, I swear I don't want to start a pissing contest, but since you asked, I have to say I never took the MSP exam because I wanted (and want) to respond to 911 calls. That's what interests me, and that's what gives me satisfaction as a police officer. A different opportunity than what's available to the MSP.

    With apologies to the troopers who do answer 911 calls in the few towns in Western MA that don't have police departments (a.k.a. Eastern New York), the major mission of the state police is not that.

    I enjoy the challenge of being dispatched to people's homes or businesses, then figuring out what the best course of action should be to solve the problem. I get that with my current job, while I wouldn't get that with the state police.

    Does that make me better than a state trooper?

    Hell, no.

    Do those same circumstances make a state trooper better than me?

    Once again....hell, no.

    Different jobs, different responsibilities. It's all about what you want to do with your career; if my career ends with me shagging 911 calls in a black & white, then so be it. That's what I signed on to do.
  9. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Majority of B-Troop, yes, and some of C-Troop also. Most, if not all, of the towns in the patrol areas have POs that were never trained at a full-time academy, nor did they previously have the experience of a high call volume dept. That leads to the MSP getting primary calls for service, backing up those officers, or just being able to answer general questions.

    That being said, the mission is, and will always be, to provide police services to any town who requests it. That, in addition to patrolling a primary road like 50 miles of Rt 2, or Rt 20, with 2 or 3 troopers, going around providing assistance to different towns can make for an interesting shift.

    ...but you already knew all this :D
  10. sean37

    sean37 MassCops Member

    I agree QT. I am one of the hopefulls still waiting on the 80th and one thing attractive is the oppurtunity; i.e. STOP/SERT/Airwing among many others. For anyone interested you can read more on the state police pages on
  11. MM1799

    MM1799 Subscribing Member

    Doesn't anyone take the exam because they want to PATROL and be a road warrior anymore?

    If you are only interested in joining a neat team whenever the first opportunity arises; then do everyone a favor and move on.

    Sorry to be the guy who kicks you in the balls but we need Troopers IN THE BARRACKS not off playing ninja somewhere and cruising (not patrolling) in their bluebird.
  12. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Absolutely; I was just giving my perspective on the subject.

    It's a disease that's not confined to the state police, trust me.

    There are still some of us who are happy doing the grunt work, whatever that may be for our agency, and don't have our eyes on the grass-is-greener bigger prize.
  13. sean37

    sean37 MassCops Member

    MM1799, if your comment was directed toward me but i dont see how pointing out what the state police has to offer equals "neat team" and "ninja". Just making observations the same way I would say what a local department has to offer, or the FBI, or any other law enforcement agency. I was speaking of the state police because.......this is a state police thead. Later I will go into the woodworking forum and speak of the benefits of a miter saw and jigsaw. Equally effective but different.:D

  14. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Wait sooo... What about those of us who wanna play ninja WHILE patrolling?

    Dammit.. I just ordered a new Hatori Hanzo just incase I get called for the 80th. :pinch:

  15. Simon

    Simon Guest

    If you guys do all THAT ........ What are the LECs doing ??????? :pinch:

    You calling Q5 a cutie ??????? heh heh
  16. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

  17. sean37

    sean37 MassCops Member

    hahahaha, nothing goes unoticed here!
  18. TopCop24

    TopCop24 Working in the land of misfit toys

    Attention to detail will learn soon enough if you're so lucky
  19. NoSoupForYou

    NoSoupForYou Adios, muchacho!

    That's part of what appeals to me about the State Police MM1799...Being proactive and patrolling. Something about their presence on their roads/highways has always been something that has grabbed my attention since I was a little kid, like you said "road warriors".
  20. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    I couldn't agree with you more MM1799, but sean37 mentions "STOP/SERT/Airwing... among many others"...

    As far as neat teams go... I will say this:

    We both know that STOP won't even look at you on our job unless you have atleast 3 yrs. minimum on the department... not to mention enduring the competitive selection process, with neither being a guarantee of appointment to the team.
    Many STOP members are still predominantly field division 'road dawgs' full-time, which leaves just a handful of TacOps full-timers, and/or Troopers who share their time with other DIS units (many of whom have paid their dues, and earned credible reps in the process)...

    SERT will consider your candidacy sooner, however they are ALL, (like most of STOP), part-time TacOps guys, remaining as hard-charging full-time road warriors in the barracks, while choosing to additionally burden themselves with the responsibility of being readily available at all times for their respective call-outs.

    Only the other units ..Airwing, CPAC, VFAS, etc...take our road-warriors completely off the road, and do so (for the most part) according to their seniority, work-ethic, job reputation and/or previous life skill-set which they bring to the position.

    MM1799 is correct that we need Troopers In the Barracks who want to be true patrol Road Warriors, but the fewer and farther between are able to expedite the natural process of selection for these coveted positions. So rest assured all, everything happens for a reason and most newbies do not get selected for the first neat team that they apply for... all that most of us can do is put faith in the process and criterion in-place for such things.

    Let's not put the cart before the horse...
    Good Luck 80th hopefuls.
  21. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    According to info from the last Seargents Meeting, no class in the spring. Take it for whats its worth.
  22. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Oh ya sarge? Where's this meeting, next to JC Peenies and Maisee's??
  23. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    And what exactly is your point.

    I was talking to my barracks sergeant a few nights ago and this is what he told me. I just thought I would pass it on "Duece"
  24. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    No but he did stay at a Holiday Express last night...
  25. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    I have been posting on this forum whatever info that I have received from guys that I consider to be credible that I work with. I would imagine that until the academy start date has been set that all info on this post is pretty much just unsubstantiated rumors. I am not trying to get into a pissing contest with anyone, I am just trying to pass along any useful info that I receive to any of the guys that are waiting to get into the 80th RTT.
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