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This thread IN NO WAY supports this fool. I know his original DVDs were discussed here and this is just an update. Anyone unfamiliar with the guy should Google his name and read up on why he is doing this. Got this from a good friend and fellow board member.

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Sent: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 2:00 pm
Subject: [Customers] Expect Regular updates, Thanks for your support



It has been a year and a half since we released NeverGetBusted Volume 1:
Traffic Stops. If you have not seen our second film, Volume 2: NeverGetRaided,
click here to view the first chapter where Barry and Candi sneak their film
into a real marijuana patch:

I'm running for Congress in District 31 in Texas as a Libertarian Candidate. We
are trying to fight America's antiquated and unfair drug laws from all sides.
We are using the sales of the DVD to fund our campaign.

The website stays updated and you can click here to view our schedule of events
we will be attending:

SPIKE TV recently flew Candi and I to Hollywood, California to do two episodes
on MANWSWERS. The episodes will begin airing in September. While we were
there, we signed a developmental contract for a reality show titled,
"CopBusters." Candi and I will be traveling across America busting crooked
and catching it on film. The show is similar to "CHEATERS" except we will be
catching the police in illegal acts...prostitution, drugs, DWI, etc. Each
episode will feature a "capture" and will portray the idea that Americans want
police officers protecting us but do not want the abusive police forces that
reign today.

It's seems difficult to get Americans to stand up to law enforcement even when
they are extremely bitter toward them. I've seen citizens who justifiably
"hate" cops because of past abusive encounters treat the police as if they
kin when in front of one! I think this phenomenon exists because most
want to obey and respect authority and when encountering a "person of
they tend to wilt with submission. I recommend if a cop is rude, point out how
rude he is and be rude back! Then go to his superiors and be rude with them
while complaining. If all citizens behaved in this manner, the rude and
individuals would constantly be reported and hopefully fired. The police are
here to serve and protect us and are suppose to be defenders of our
constitution. The uniformed officers are not "secret police" that can't be
approached or questions. They are public servants.

I watched a new show on TRUE TV called, PartyHeat. If you want to see an
example of how police in America SHOULD act, watch this show. The episode I
tracked a California State Police squad as they encountered wild parties on the
lake. The police were seen issuing citations only for marijuana and arresting
boat drivers who were way over the limit and posing a danger to other
partygoers. They were very polite, professional and socially fun as they
to keep the lake a safe place for everybody. I wished the rest of America was
like this! Most places in America the police show up to a scene looking for
whom they can arrest instead of whom they can assist. We are working to change
this and we appreciate your support!

You can get involved by taking my activism course. We are recruiting 500
dedicated citizens interested in becoming team members of the NeverGetBusted
Project. The course is designed for you to work at your own pace and can easily
be completed in 90 days. The course and membership includes the following and

Each member will receive every item in the NeverGetBusted store. Volume 1:
Traffic Stops, Volume 2: NeverGetRaided, Showtime's American Drug War, Bonus
Hidden Compartment DVD and an autographed copy of Cannabis Culture Magazine.

Each member can partner with NeverGetBusted and earn $20 to $200 per week.

Each member will be plugged into the NeverGetBusted Projects by receiving
personal invitations to all events attended or promoted by NeverGetBusted.
Each member will learn cutting edge activism principles that can use on a
local, state or national level.

Each member will be on call to attend NeverGetBusted non-violent movements
that are sure to gain media attention!

Your money will be used to fund these events such as paying the travel of 100
wheelchair medical marijuana patients to smoke together in a city known for
aggressive marijuana prosecutions. To learn more about becoming a member of the
NeverGetBusted Project, click here:

Until next time: Only carry what you can eat! It is impossible to overdose to
death on cannabis.



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California State Police squad. Yeah those California Troopers. When was this video made 1995?

BTW take a trip to Vietnam. I work with someone from that country. They have a good reason to fear the police over there, the police are the .gov's version of baby sitter in that country. You have to ask a policemen to go visit your dad in the next town. Plus they are corrupt as heck in Vietnam or were with the Police departments. I now understand fully why a lot of Vietnamese fear the police in the US because of what they went through back "home".
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