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Why there was no looting in Texas after Rita.


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I got this in an e-mail....
Not that I agree with all of it but it does raise some interesting points:
I will also add that there have been large discussions on illegal aliens and legal ones being generally more self sufficient.
Also I think you learn REAL quick from others mistakes and the magnitude and circumstance of the first was something well beyond that of the second.

Subject: 2 States, 22 Observations
2 States, 22 Observations

Things I have noticed while watching media coverage of the recent

1. Texas: Productive industrious state run by Republicans.
Louisiana: Government dependent welfare state run by Democrats.

2. Texas: Residents take responsibility to protect and evacuate themselves.
Louisiana: Residents wait for government to protect and evacuate them.

3. Texas: Local and state officials take responsibility for protecting
their citizens and property.
Louisiana: Local and state officials blame federal government for not
protecting their citizens and property.

4. Texas: Command and control remains in place to preserve order.
Louisiana: Command and control collapses allowing lawlessness.

5. Texas: Law enforcement officers remain on duty to protect city.
Louisiana: Law enforcement officers desert their posts to protect

6. Texas: Local police watch for looting.
Louisiana: Local police participate in looting.

7. Texas: Law and order remains in control, 8 looters tried it, 8 looters
Louisiana: Anarchy and lawlessness breaks out, looters take over city,
no arrests, criminals with guns have to be shot by federal troops.

8. Texas: Considerable damage caused by hurricane.
Louisiana: Considerable damage caused by looters.

9. Texas: Flood barriers hold preventing cities from flooding.
Louisiana: Flood barriers fail due to lack of maintenance allowing city
to flood.

10. Texas: Orderly evacuation away from threatened areas, few remain.
Louisiana: 25,000 fail to evacuate, are relocated to another flooded

11. Texas: Citizens evacuate with personal 3 day supply of food and water.
Louisiana: Citizens fail to evacuate with 3 day supply of food and
water, do without it for the next 4 days.

12. Texas: FEMA brings in tons of food and water for evacuees. State
officials provide accessible distribution points.
Louisiana: FEMA brings in tons of food and water for evacuees. State
officials prevent citizens from reaching distribution points and vice

13. Louisiana: Media focuses on poor blacks in need of assistance, blames
Texas: Media can’t find poor blacks in need of assistance, looking
for something else to blame on Bush.

14. Texas: Coastal cities suffer some infrastructure damage, Mayors tell
residents to stay away until ready for repopulation, no interference from
federal officials.
Louisiana: New Orleans is destroyed, Mayor asks residents to return
home as another hurricane approaches, has to be overruled by federal

15. Louisiana: Over 400 killed by storm, flooding and crime.
Texas: 24 killed in bus accident on highway during evacuation, no
storm related deaths.

16. Texas: Jailed prisoners are relocated to other detention facilities
outside the storm area.
Louisiana: Jailed prisoners are set free to prey on city shops,
residents, and homes.

17. Texas: Local and state officials work with FEMA and Red Cross in
recovery operations.
Louisiana: Local and state officials obstruct FEMA and Red Cross from
aiding in recovery operations.

18. Texas: Local and state officials demonstrate leadership in managing
disaster areas.
Louisiana: Local and state officials fail to demonstrate leadership,
require federal government to manage disaster areas.

19. Texas: Fuel deliveries can't keep up with demand, some run out of gas
on highway, need help from fuel tankers before storm arrives.
Louisiana: Motorists wait till storm hits and electrical power fails.
Cars run out of gas at gas stations that can‘t pump gas. Gas in underground
tanks mixes with flood waters.

20. Texas: Mayors move citizens out of danger.
Louisiana: Mayor moves himself and family to Dallas.

21. Texas: Mayors continue public service announcements and updates on
television with Governor's backing and support.
Louisiana: Mayor cusses, governor cries, senator threatens president
with violence on television, none of them have a clue what went wrong or
who‘s responsible.

22. Louisiana: Democratic Senator says FEMA was slow in responding to 911
calls from Louisiana citizens.
Texas: Republican Senator says "when you call 911, the phone doesn't
ring in Washington, it rings here at the local responders".

What if state and local elected officials were forced to depend on
themselves and their own resources instead of calling for help from the
federal government? Texas cities would be back up and running in a few
days. Louisiana cities would still be under water next month. Republicans
call for action, Democrats call for help. What party will you be voting for
in the next election?
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