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A Montgomery County deputy is under fire following comments he made concerning the killing of a 17-year-old Hispanic boy, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.
The League of United Latin American Citizens demanded an apology after a deputy investigating the case said the Hispanic culture played a part in the teenager's murder.
Two suspects were arrested last week for the murder of 17-year-old Eugene Villaruel.
He had been dating the sister of one of the suspects.
But Montgomery County spokesman Lt. Dan Norris said Hispanic culture played a part in the crime.
"You can fill in the blanks with Hispanic culture and how they, meaning the Hispanic culture, sometimes deal with family, sometimes thinks and or deals with family issues," Norris said last week.
On Monday, Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage apologized.
"I apologize to that community, the Hispanic community, if anyone's feelings were hurt, because there was certainly no intent there," Gage said.
The apology came after LULAC demanded it in a letter sent Friday that also said in part, "Your spokesperson's comment connecting this horrible crime to the Hispanic culture is a slap in the face to all persons of Hispanic heritage and an insult to your Hispanic Community."
"Maybe what the sheriff needs to do is get his officers to learn about Hispanic culture, so they don't make any stupid statements like this," said Rick Dovalina with LULAC.
Dovalina suggested sensitivity training for the deputies, pointing out that they police a county with a rapidly growing Hispanic population.
But the sheriff said his deputies already get it, including Norris.
"Lt. Norris has been to sensitivity training," Gage said.
"Does he need to go again?" KPRC Local 2 asked.
"I don't' think so. I think after talking to Dan, he realized he used a bad choice of words right after that interview," Gage said.

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