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By Matthew Haag
The Dallas Morning News

GARLAND, Texas - A Garland police officer shot and wounded a 19-year-old man early Saturday morning after he tried to run over the officer, police said.
The incident started when officers responded to a call about loud music at an apartment building in the 2600 block of Lookout Drive near the Bush Turnpike around 2:30 a.m., police spokesman Joe Harn said.
Shortly after police arrived, the man pulled into the apartment parking lot in a Nissan 300ZX and honked the horn.
As an officer walked toward the vehicle, the driver put the car in gear and drove toward the officer, Mr. Harn said.
"He felt as if he was going to be run over," Mr. Harn said of the officer.
The officer shot at the car several times, but the driver fled.
Several minutes later, another officer spotted the car driving the wrong way in the 2800 block of Belt Line Road near Jupiter Road, Mr. Harn said. That officer followed the driver into another apartment complex, where the car crashed into a flowerbed.
When approached, the driver resisted and the officer sprayed him with pepper spray. The officer then discovered that the driver had gunshot wounds in the shoulder and leg.
Mr. Harn identified the man as Charles Robert Wright of Rowlett. Mr. Wright was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital and later released. He was in the Garland jail Saturday evening charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. His bail is $150,000.
Mr. Harn didn't release the name of the officer who shot him.

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