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Texas Man Calls 911 After Raccoon Breaks Into Home

DALLAS (CBS) ― Bill Hyde and his wife of 65 years were watching a movie when relaxation turned to fear.

"It sounded like someone breaking in," he recalled. "It sounded like it was on the outside, side of the house. Then it sounded like it was the front of the house."

Regardless of the source, The Hydes were scared so Mr. Hyde went for his gun, reports CBS station KTVT-TV in Dallas.

With weapon in hand, he called 911 to tell them of the intrusion.

Turns out, the bandit was actually a raccoon. The animal ran from room to room, clutching the curtains, knocking over things and making enough noise to make the couple think "somebody was banging on the place."

"You can't imagine something like a raccoon could make so much noise."

When police arrived, Hyde put down his gun and watched as officers try to corner the creature including using a Taser at one point.

In the end, however, the masked bandit escaped.
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