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(Houston, Texas) A 44-year-old Houston criminal defense attorney, Alice Morales, has been arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine.

Morales works at the Harris County Courthouse and, according to Lt. Joe Inocencio of the HPD Narcotics Division, she customarily represents drug dealers and users.
Undercover officers said they bought methamphetamines from Morales on three different occasions. They said the final buy happened at Slick Willie's Pool Hall on the Southwest Freeway.

That's when they moved in to make the arrest.

Morales has two prior drug arrests, including a meth possession charge from just two months ago.

"She mentioned she started using meth when she started defending these individuals in court," said Inocencio. "As a matter of fact, the first time she used it was with a client."

Officers say Morales was caught with 6.5 grams of meth Wednesday.
Morales was booked into custody at the Harris County Jail.
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