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(Austin, Texas) Non-citizens legally in Texas will be issued driver's licenses. They'll look different.
Foreign nationals living in Texas must now prove they're in the country legally before getting a state driver's license or identification card -- one that will look markedly different from those issued to U.S. citizens.

"While we welcome legally documented individuals to the Lone Star State, we must ensure that this privilege is not abused by those seeking to enter our country illegally," Gov. Rick Perry said. "These new guidelines will provide additional security."

The licenses and identification cards, which will be vertical instead of horizontal, will also be stamped with the words "temporary visitor" and will list the date their legal residency expires. Advocates for immigrant rights say the change could facilitate profiling.​
I don't understand. A guy walks into the DMV and is found to be illegally in Texas. That's identifying the guy, not profiling.

Authorities say that those who do not have proper identification will simply be turned away and denied a license. The information will not be sent to ICE or Homeland Security. In other words, the Texas DMV is conspiring to protect illegal aliens. They won't snitch.
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