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A 44-year-old man who was killed after breaking into a Fort Worth firefighter’s home may have been watching the home before the break at the 9200 block of West Fork Trail.
Investigators found binoculars and several layers of clothing on the man who broke into a home about 9:30 p.m. Saturday in the 9200 block of West Fork Trail, said Chief Deputy Mike Simonds of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department.
Authorities believe the layers were worn to protect the man from the elements and the terrain surrounding the home, Mr. Simonds said.
“This seems to be a very isolated, peculiar situation that has a lot of unanswered questions,” he said. “We are continuing to investigate why he targeted this area, this home.”
Mr. Simonds said the man, who has not yet been identified, does not have a criminal record.
According to Tarrant County officials, he walked through an unlocked back door of the home, armed with a hatchet, gun, and a pipe wrapped with tape. Deputies later discovered the gun was unloaded.
The intruder demanded money from homeowners Ronald and Jill Huddleston. The couple followed his orders, giving him a coin collection and less than $100. They also offered their vehicles.
The intruder struck Mr. Huddleston, a Fort Worth firefighter, several times, breaking his left arm and leaving cuts across his face. It wasn’t until the intruder stuck Ms. Huddleston that the couple began to fight back.
The Huddlestons stabbed and beat the man with a number of household objects as the fight moved from room to room.
"It was a wide-ranging crime scene," said Terry Grisham, a Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department spokesman. "There were multiple household implements that were used in their defense – pretty much whatever you can get your hands on."
About 10:13 p.m., Ms. Huddleston called 911 asking for help. The fight continued for several more minutes until deputies arrived. Mr. Grisham said officers were struggling to arrest the alleged intruder when he died.
Sheriff's detectives are investigating his death as they would a death in custody. They are still trying to figure out how the man got to the Huddlestons’ home. They have not been able to find a car belonging to the man.
The Huddlestons were taken to Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth where they were treated and released. No charges are expected to be filed against them, Mr. Simonds said.
An elderly woman, who was at the home and slept through all the violence, was unhurt, said Mr. Grisham.


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he walked through an unlocked back door of the home
Mistake number one.

armed with a hatchet, gun, and a pipe wrapped with tape. The intruder demanded money from homeowners
At about this point he would be trying to flee the jaws of an angry German Shepherd while avoiding the automatic gun fire.

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I bet the extra layers were shed after the crime...dna,blood...criminals are getting a bit smarter..but not smart enough to bring an axe to a gunfight..
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