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Texas Deputy Constable Dies After Tactical Team Qualifications

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    The Dallas Morning News

    Texas Deputy Constable Dies After Tactical Team Qualifications
    FORT WORTH, Texas -- A Tarrant County constable who helped deliver a baby girl on the side of the road last year died Thursday, officials said.

    Deputy Constable Mark Diebold had just finished tactical team qualifications Thursday morning when he collapsed, the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office said.

    Members of the tactical team started CPR, and he was taken to Alliance Medical Center in Fort Worth, where he died. He was 48.

    Texas Deputy Constable Dies After Tactical Team Qualifications
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    Tragic and Sad.
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    It's not clear to me after reading this article whether "Tactical Team Qualifications" were part of a selection process/'trying-out' to get on the team at age 48, or he was already on the team (and those qualifications were part of an annual fitness standard required of members in order to remain on the team?) Either way, age 48 is an exception to the norm in the tactical arena. It is geared toward young-aged, very-athletic, mature-minded and even-keeled professionals. I know this because I spent nearly 10 yrs. on my job's SWAT Team and left that life AT age 48. Not because I had 'lost-a-step' or any speed off of my fastball (so to speak); Not because I was asked to resign or was 'voted-of-the-island' by my colleagues; and not because I had reached any unspoken shelf-life or 'sell-by-date' as an operator either; but at 48 I could no longer silence my inner voice urging me to apply my energy and talents elsewhere. So I listened... and I have zero regrets. Sure I miss the clowns, but certainly not the circus. Heart attacks can also happen for many reasons, so any physical over-exertion he may have experienced during qualification may, or may not have contributed to his death, but without knowing more info I won't speculate on that. As Kilv said above, it's just tragic and sad. Until Valhalla Deputy, RIP.
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