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Criminals will pay to help catch criminals in one Harris County city, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday.
The Harris County district attorney awarded Galena Park more than $58,000 seized from criminals to help pay for a new automatic fingerprinting machine.
Police said this is important to protecting you and your family. Right now, they can only do fingerprinting the old fashioned way with paper and ink. The computerized process is required for identifying suspects and for booking them into the county jail, which requires driving to another city. The police chief said that could take two hours, and that the computerized system is much faster.
"If they've ever been fingerprinted before, within 30 seconds this machine will tell us who they are," Chief R.C. Pruett said. "It's outstanding."
Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson presented the check that will allow police to spend more time on the city streets and provide stronger cases for prosecution.
"If we have additional money through our seizure and forfeiture work, where we seize profits and proceeds from criminal activity, and are able to turn that around to enhance law enforcement and the quality of life in Harris County, we're gonna do that," Magidson said.
Police said they hope to have the new system up and running within 30 days.
Magidson said the money is available to police departments in Harris County -- police chiefs simply have to write to his office, where the requests will be reviewed and fulfilled.

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