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Love-struck man faces jail over terror hoax
Tue Sep 6, 2005 8:26 AM ET

KARACHI (Reuters) - A love-struck Pakistani faces up to three years in jail for falsely accusing a brother and a cousin of
the woman he hoped to marry of planning a suicide attack on the U.S. consulate in Karachi, police said Monday.

Jobless laborer Mohammad Imran sparked a security scare when he made the allegations in a telephone call
to the U.S. embassy in Islamabad last month after the relatives ordered him not to see or speak to his
would-be bride, police said.

Investigating officer Sadaullah Bangash said Imran, 22, had told police he got the idea after news
of a spate of arrests of militant suspects in Pakistan after the July 7 London bombings.

Bangash said police had questioned the relatives, who appeared to be ordinary people
with no connection to terrorism.

Imran is due in court in Karachi Wednesday and faces up to three years' jail if convicted
of making false accusations, he said.

"It appears to be a case of a man infatuated by a girl going to extremes to realize his
dream of marrying her one day."

A spokesman for the U.S. consulate in Karachi, which was the target of a suicide bombing
in 2002 that killed 12 people, said it was not its policy to comment on security matters.
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