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Photo by Nancy Lane

SUSPECTS: Juanquist Hicks, above, is being held on gun charges in connection with an attempted home invasion.

A 24-year-old college student missed being hit by a stray bullet that tore through her own apartment by inches, but what has her more terrified is the evil eye she says a suspect cast at her as police led him out of her building.
"He never say, 'I'm going to kill you,' but I saw his eyes, his face. And the detectives saw it. Like he was mad," the 24-year-old, a non-native English speaker, said through tears. "The guy is going to kill me because I live here and he is going to think everything is my fault. ... The detectives say you have to move. ... I'm so scared."
The woman said she was picking out shoes in her closet when the bullet ripped through the closet's ceiling just two feet away from her, scraped the wall and became embedded in the wooden floor of her first-floor apartment. Seconds later, she told police, a man came running downstairs and violently pounded on her door.
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