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Friday, August 08, 2008

FORT PIERCE - Two teenage girls told police they were attacked by a group of 30 girls outside a nightclub early today and that three suspects - whom they identified as "The Rock Star Girls" - beat them with high-heel shoes, including a pair of 8-inch stilettos.
The two teens said they were at Club Crunk, 1702 Delaware Ave., at about 1:30 a.m., but they couldn't get into the club because one of the girls was only 17. They were standing in the parking lot when three girls they recognized and identified to police later as "The Rock Star Girls" and "The Cheerleaders" approached them and began kicking and punching them, they reported.
They said the three initial attackers took off their high-heeled shoes to hit them in the face, the report states.
One victim said she was struck three times in the head with a brown, 8-inch stiletto. The other victim said she was struck two times in the head with a silver, 6-inch heel. She reported that her attacker said: "I fight to kill," while hitting her with the shoe.
An officer reported that the two girls had deep cuts on their heads and faces. One girl's mother took them to the hospital after they talked to the police, according to the report. The attack case was forwarded to detectives for further investigation, the report states.
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