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Photo by Jim Michaud
'Scary': Detectives collect evidence from the scene of a shooting in front of a bus stop at 3924 Washington St.

Boston police say a 21-year-old Roslindale man shot a 16-year-old in broad daylight on Washington Street yesterday before stashing the gun in a garbage can at a nearby gas station.
Officers from West Roxbury's Area E-5 happened to be driving down the street at the same time the teenage boy was shot once in the abdomen in front of 3924 Washington St., at an MBTA bus stop.
The victim, who is expected to survive, had run about a block before collapsing on the ground, police said. He was taken to Boston Medical Center.
Investigators scoured the area, turning over trash cans and searching in the grass. They found what they believe to be the gun used in the shooting in a garbage bin behind the Emporium auto complex, about a block away from the shooting scene.
Officers searching the area also caught up to someone matching the description of the suspect, who was positively identified by witnesses, police said.
Louis Josue, 21, of Roslindale, is charged with assault with intent to murder.
The shooting shook the neighborhood. "It's very scary," said Maria Lopez, 21, a college student who has lived on Washington Street for six years and now hopes to move to a quieter neighborhood.
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