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By Gregg Fielder
The Dallas Morning News

DALLAS - A 14-year-old boy may face a kidnapping charge after police say he led officers on an hour-long chase through Dallas and Fort Worth with his mother in the car.
Dallas police said the boy had been arguing with his mother around 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Webb Chapel area north of Dallas Love Field when he got in her white four-door Pontiac and drove away with her in the car, refusing to let her exit. The 38-year-old mom tried to stop him and called 911.
Police said the teen drove for about an hour around the western part of Dallas before heading west on Interstate 30 and into Fort Worth. Police there used special sticks to puncture his tires as he entered Fort Worth and he was forced to stop.
During the chase, the boy tried to cause a crash with a police vehicle by slamming on his brakes and he also rammed at least one police vehicle by backing into it, Dallas police said.
Dallas police did not name the teen because of his age. He also faces a possible charge of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.
No citizens or officers were injured.

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