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Teen gets time for grandma in 'gangster rap' video

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - A Florida teenager has been sentenced to
18 months in juvenile detention for coaxing his senile grandmother into
holding a gun and threatening to shoot "all the pigs" in a homemade
"gangster rap" video.

Eighteen-year-old Michael Alfinez pleaded guilty Tuesday to elder abuse
charges. His family has said the case was a misunderstanding.

The 85-year-old grandmother can be seen in the video holding a handgun,
wearing a black mask and threatening to shoot "all the pigs."

Alfinez was arrested in April after authorities seized the tape during a
routine traffic stop. Alfinez and others also could be seen in the video
shooting a pistol around town.
Alfinez also pleaded guilty to charges of firing out of a moving vehicle and
into a building.
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