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Taylor Ed Dutton

By Janelle Stecklein

A combination of booze and a badge may have ended a friendship.

Taylor Ed Dutton, 18, of Tulia was arrested and booked into the Randall County jail, charged with a felony count of impersonating a public servant after he allegedly flashed his friend's police badge at an Amarillo nightclub Sept. 26, Amarillo police Cpl. Jerry Neufeld said.
"I'd venture to say they're probably not very good friends anymore," Neufeld said.
He said Dutton and his friend, whose name has not been released but is a Tulia police officer, were at Midnight Rodeo when Dutton allegedly used his friend's badge to gain admission to the club and to buy alcohol.
When a bartender asked for photo identification, Dutton allegedly refused to provide one, so security called police, Neufeld said.
Dutton initially claimed he had ordered the badge on the Internet, Neufeld said.
"While they were trying to sort some of this out, witnesses said there was another young man claiming to be an officer as well," Neufeld said.
The man, who was identified as Dutton's friend, produced an ID card verifying his identity and gave police his badge number. The number matched the one Dutton had in his possession, Neufeld said.
"Mr. Dutton had stolen his friend's badge," Neufeld said. "There was absolutely no indication that the actual officer had any idea that this was going on."
Using a stolen police badge as a form of ID is rare, he said. "Those are the kind of things.

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Well, he could have just gave one of the Sheriff's in Ma some money and he would have had a badge of his own.
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