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Teacher stripped for class

Parents are calling for a teacher to be sacked in Hungary after she put on
a strip show for her 15-year-old pupils.

The German woman was supposed to be supervising a start of term party,
reports The Sun.

But things got out of hand as she stripped down to her underwear - and
she only stopped when another teacher forced her to cover up.

One pupil filmed the show on his mobile phone and captured the teacher
peeling off her top to reveal her bra and then starting to undo the zip of
her trousers before another lecturer covered her in a tablecloth.

"It is disgusting. What kind of teacher acts that way in front of her pupils.

She should be in a lap dancing bar, not a school," said one angry parent.

"The children were playing truth or dare and making bigger and bigger
dares for each other and she decided to join in.

"When they dared her to do some pole dancing she just started taking off
her clothes. She's a pretty woman in her 20s and the children couldn't
believe their luck."

The school's headmaster, in Zalaegerszeg, western Hungary, refused to
sack the unnamed mistress despite pressure from parents and other

"I was forced to give the German teacher a warning, but I will not dismiss
her because she is a valuable teacher for our institution," said head
Sandor Rozman.

He claimed she had shown no more flesh "than you would see on a beach".
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