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(Jacksonville, Florida) A seventh-grade science teacher at Twin Lakes Middle School, Patrick Foster, is under investigation for telling a girl student the color of her panties after he had warned that he would do so.
"Girls, if you wear short skirts and I can see your panties, I am going to tell you what color they are."​
Reportedly, Foster also directed inappropriate comments to boys about their underwear, saying that when one wears his pants low, it means, in prison terms, that "you are open for business."

None of Foster's cracks sit well with the administration which is going to ask the school board to suspend him for 10 days without pay.
"Following his suspension, if that is what's passed at the board meeting in October, then he'd be moved to a different school," said Jill Johnson, spokeswoman for the Duval County School Board.​
I think Foster suffers from being distructively candid. He needs to learn tact and diplomacy.
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