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Some Fuel Spills Onto I-195

Swansea, Mass. -- A tanker rollover in Swansea has shut down the eastbound lanes of Interstate 195 near exit two.

The accident happened around 5:45 Sunday morning.

Crews are working to upright the tanker and get it off the highway.
It is carrying more than 10,000 gallons of fuel, and witnesses say some of that has spilled.

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Driver of spilled gas tanker truck cited

Herald News
Much of the clean-up equipment at the site of last month's gas spill on Interstate 195 has been cleared as seen from the temporary road used to access the spillage. All that remains are a few 55-gallon drums and a dumpster.

By Jay Pateakos
GateHouse News Service
Posted Dec 08, 2008 @ 11:08 AM
Last update Dec 08, 2008 @ 05:57 PM

Swansea -

The man whose truck rolled over onto an Interstate 195 East embankment spilling 11,500 gallons of gas into the nearby woods three weeks ago has been cited by the Massachusetts State Police for a marked lane violation.
State police spokesman Lt. David Wilson said the maximum fine for the driver, Kim Kilbreth, 55, would be a $100. As for what exactly caused the Nov. 16 single-car accident, Wilson said that he believes the state police are still investigating it. Police had originally reported that Kilbreth, of Wareham, driving a Cape Cod Gas truck owned by KDK Enterprises of Wareham had lost control of the vehicle.
Of the 11,500 gallons of gas that leaked from the truck, 8,000 gallons went unaccounted and likely soaked into soil near the site, according to local officials, with dozens of dump trucks hauling off the contaminated soil over the last few weeks.
MassHighway spokesman Adam Hurtubise said the breakdown lane was reopened and the barriers and excavators were all removed on Friday as was the message board on I-195 east announcing the breakdown lane closure, but work continues at the site.
"Future activities are expected to be contained within the gated area," said Hurtubise.
Most of the leaked gas was contained to a 3- to 4-acre span of private property off I-195, much of it wetlands.
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Ed Coletta said the cleanup phase has now been changed to the assessment phase with the Licensed Site Professionals company, Cumberland, R.I.-based CEA continuing its work there.
"The LSP will figure out what is next, with work to include monitoring wells in the area. They are determining where in the wetland the gas has spread to and what level it may have sunk to," said Coletta. "Depending on what they find (with the wells), it will be determined whether a number of private wells in the area will also be tested."
Coletta said they are still conducting some tests near the area around the actual spill to make sure all the contaminated soil has been removed before replacing the trenches with new backfill.
Swansea Conservation Agent Colleen Brown said a total of 40 samples have been taken of the soil around the site and 16 to 18 monitoring wells are being installed in order to determine how deep the contamination goes in the soil.
"The wells will be monitoring the ground water from various heights, with some going down just two to three feet and others going down as far as 20 to 30 feet," said Brown. "With the soil samples, they've tested in a bunch of areas and when they hit a hotbed of contamination they usually expand the testing around that area."
Brown said some of the trenches have been refilled with soil for those spots where the soil tests have come back negative for further contamination.
She said a surveyor has been hired to set the exact boundary lines for the spill and which properties, state or private, that contain contaminated soil.
Brown said the monitoring wells will be stationed around the site for a year or longer, depending on what is discovered the subsequent tests.
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