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EYE FOR TROUBLE: MBTA Transit police detectives have reported a rise in arrests since the launch of its 'grope patrol' campaign in April. An undercover agent, above, watches for any signs of trouble on the T platform.

Arrests of subway-stalking predators have skyrocketed, and emboldened riders have stepped forward to report twice as many sexual assaults since the T unleashed a "grope patrol" of undercover transit cops to pinch pervs trolling the commuter rails.
"It's sometimes like shooting fish in a barrel, unfortunately," said MBTA Transit Police Detective Brian Harer, a member of the undercover unit, at the Park Street T station last week.
Since the start of the MBTA's anti-perv campaign April 12, police have received 69 reports of sex assaults on the T - compared to 37 in the same period last year. Arrests of alleged predators doubled from nine to 18 during that time. The total number of alleged pervs nabbed went from 12 to 21 during that time, including suspects summonsed to appear in court.
The Herald first disclosed the T's groundbreaking campaign in a March 21 story that followed the T's undercover female detective decoy. She posed as bait for pervs who wait for crowded trains and unsuspecting victims.
Paul MacMillan, acting chief of the MBTA Transit Police, said that while the crackdown was meant to target "rubbers and grabbers" who ride the subway, it ended up encouraging victims of all sexual assaults to come forward.
"What we've found through the awareness campaign is it's made people more aware of other sex crimes that occur," MacMillan said. "And that we take it very seriously. We will prosecute these people. We will not tolerate it."
On Wednesday last week at rush hour, an undercover task force of detectives led by Sgt. Detective Michael Adamson deployed on the Green Line to stalk the stalkers. In just two hours, cops questioned a known sex offender, spotted a murder suspect and an alleged Chinatown drug dealer, witnessed a scuffle at the Downtown Crossing station - and kept a close eye on a man who stood strangely close to a young woman on a crowded train.
"He had every opportunity to walk away from her as the crowd thinned, but he didn't," said one detective who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of his work. Detectives eyed the man, in a tweed blazer and carrying a briefcase, as his hand drew closer to a young woman's buttocks. She typed on her blackberry for several stops until Park Street.
"You could see her looking at both sides behind her like, 'What are you doing,' " the detective said.
If the woman hadn't sat down, detectives agreed, they probably would have reeled in another catch.
Gina Scaramella, executive director of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, which co-sponsored the T's advertising campaign to report pervs, applauds the patrols.
"If colleges, churches and workplaces did this, it's very exciting to think about what would happen," she said. "We have such a high tolerance for sexual violence in our culture. What this campaign really says is that any level of that behavior is unacceptable."

Cops have their hands full with MBTA creeps:'grope_patrol__has_pervs_on_the_run/

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Since the start of the MBTA's anti-perv campaign April 12, police have received 69 reports of sex assaults on the T
Can't make this stuff up, too funny
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